Looking For Graphics and Creative Design Agency in London?

November 16, 2020 8:00 am Published by

In the marketing industry, creative design is the original, innovative, imaginative, inspired evolution of something with creative components. Creative services are one of the sectors of the economy which provide innovative work ideas that require a considerable amount of creativity. These services vary from person to person, depending upon the talent of the individual who created it.

It involves taking an idea, a work order, or an artistic brief and visualizing a solution. This is something different from the knowledge of Interior Designing or expert knowledge of Photoshop. Some of the examples of creative services are-

• Graphic Design

• Urban planning

• Architecture

• Branding

• Sound design

• Industrial design

• Commercial art

Graphic design is the physical process of making or altering something visual. Graphic design is a functional process. It involves the production of the designs such as sign, logo, or magazine cover. In the designing process-keyboard, software and mouse are used as construction tools. Various creative agencies provide a whole toolbox of technologies like Php, WordPress, HTML, CSS to satisfy their customers, and one among them is Creative Design Agency London.

Difference Between Creative Services and Graphic Design

The only difference is that creativity is a skill and graphic design is a process.

Steps for designing a concept

 All the projects do not have a large-scale budget, but even a small amount of research will help in designing a superior product.

1.For whom I am designing?

It is essential to do substantial research for the project before starting it. For this, we need to ask the correct questions, such as-

• Who are the stakeholders?

•  Who are the users?

2. Competitor Research

 Research top competitors in the market. Determine how the rivals have designed their sites. Identify the areas in which they are lagging. List down all the attractive features they have provided on their site.

3. Be inspired

Consider new trends, follow various design blogs, take inspiration from all types of design.

4. Always sketch your ideas

While doing research, always keep in mind the goals of your site and the requisite features. Before jumping to any conclusion, first plan the layout. This can be done by sketching the ideas which come to the mind, whether on a whiteboard or paper.

5. Concept development

Once we have an innovative idea of our website wireframe and the blueprint of the design, then it’s time to develop the concept. For this, we can use several apps, such as sketch, photoshop, or illustrator. Once the first concept is finished, get feedback, test it on a teammate or a product user.


Creative and graphic design are complementary to each other. Thus, it’s necessary to make informed decisions about what is needed to achieve a project. Some projects require only graphic design work to be done, which can be a little cheap because the work requires more modification rather than invention. But the creative work project needs something which is more innovative and yields more spectacular results.