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USI MONEY – Delivering digital transformation across all platforms

USI Money is a unique foreign exchange provider offering bespoke solutions to both individual and corporate clients. USI Money is the ideal partner to trade your FX with. They hold the one of the biggest Foreign Exchange markets in the World.


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They reached out to us in order to create a platform. We were to provide a vision of a strategy for upcoming digital money transfers revolution.


  • Marketing/landing page

  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS

  • Business logic automation

  • Email campaigns


An essential aspect to USI Money is the multi-platform brand development which cuts across website and mobile apps. We are faced with the task of creating a new visual identity and brand that resonate with the offerings of USI Money.



We created the new website that connected the nature of processes of the exchange. The layout and navigation helped provide impact, consistency and flexibility.


A new website, brand logo, and marketing materials that supported USI as one of the biggest Foreign Exchange markets in the World. The transformation helped USI money gain competitive advantage in the connected world.


Excellent work on the usimoney.com website and Mobile app.

Khaleeq Taimuri

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