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Canon Professional Services

CANON CPS – Upgrading Customers’ Portal to deliver priority support & operational efficiency

Canon professional services provide canon customers the opportunity to tell their exciting stories better and become full time imaging professionals with priority support. These include exclusive phone and email support, equipment loans and repairs, on-site support, discounts for events and special offers.


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Canon CPS approached our company with a need for a marketing website and total revamp of its portal, so they could provide priority support to all canon customers.


  • Marketing/landing page

  • New kit registration portal for canon customers


The portal service should operate on a three-tier system that is responsive and custom to the needs of professional photographers. Each level of CPS membership will be automatically assigned based on the type of kit registered with CPS.



We created a portal that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This interface that we develop in cooperation with canon with the main objective of serving all the users and clients.


  • Over 80,000 registered users
  • 40% reduction in operating and maintenance costs
  • Decreased delay time from 2 days to one day
  • 30% improvement in processing time

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