How the Best Web Design Companies in London are Helping Ecommerce Platforms Engage with More Customers

February 22, 2021 9:06 am Published by

The best web design companies London are always coming up with new ways to help businesses explore new facets of the digital world and expand their interests. One facet that has been immensely profitable for businesses in the past decade is eCommerce. As more shoppers choose to do business over the internet (due to the pandemic), businesses face a unique opportunity to go digital, reach out to target customers on the internet, and ramp up their profits.

Over 2.15 billion people are set to shop online in 2021. However, along with the countless opportunities, eCommerce comes with a fair share of challenges as well. That’s because if there’s anything people love to do online more than shopping is browsing for products. If your eCommerce platform isn’t optimised for conversions, you’ll end up attracting only window shoppers.
 From over-complicated checkout processes to onsite errors to slow-loading mobile websites, there are plenty of factors that discourage sales and compel shoppers to abandon their online cars. Here’s how the best web design companies London help eCommerce business owners optimise their eCommerce stores for conversions, customer retention, and brand building – 

Mobile Optimisation 

All eCommerce platforms need to be mobile-friendly. Or else, businesses will miss out on a huge chunk of the target market. Web design companies can help eCommerce business owners optimise their platforms for multiple mobile devices. They help create responsive websites and can even help with app development. Here are some tricks these experts use to optimise mobile eCommerce platforms for lead generation –  

  • Making ‘Shopping Cart’ pages fast-loading and easy to navigate.
  • Creating large and attractive “Add to Cart” buttons that subconsciously compel   shoppers to purchase items.    
  • Give users the option to zoom in to high-quality product pictures (the pictures are          also  search engine optimised) 
  • Minimising the use of distractive elements (animations, pop-ups, etc.) and using a  simple and clean design layout on the platform.

Optimising Every Product Page

Merely optimising the platform isn’t enough to attract droves of potential customers. Each product page on the platform needs to be – engaging, descriptive, and easy to navigate. To do so, web design experts –
 · Incorporate vital SEO practices on all product pages.

  • Updating the information on each product page with up to date prices, latest product      details, etc.
  •  Giving shoppers the option to rate and compare products.
  •  Creating automated systems that suggest relevant products to shoppers based on   their activities on the platform.
  •  Include clear information about return policies.
  •  Include strong calls to action (CTAs) on each product page. 

Attracting Local Customers

The leading web design experts are also local SEO experts. To optimise eCommerce platforms for local searches, they use the same tactics they employ to make websites more local-search friendly on Google. Some of these tactics include –

  • Using keywords that are commonly used by local audiences.
  • Offering discounts to shoppers located near warehouses or brick and mortar stores.
  • Creating promotions and special offers for local shoppers based on their recent   activities on the platform. 

Other Ways ofBoosting Conversion Rates

On eCommerce platforms, conversion rate refers to the number of users who actually purchase your products compared to the total number of visitors your platform receives. The ultimate goal is to compel all visitors to purchase something whenever they visit your platform. Some proven ways of converting a ‘window shopper’ into a customer include –

  • Making users sign up for mailing lists
  • Asking users to create private accounts (free or paid) 
  • Making them subscribe to specific services/offers

Using these tools and tactics, businesses can easily conquer the highly promising eCommerce sector!