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About Us

We aim to define your brand’s identity and keep you relevant in your industry, now and beyond.


We tell your story using data, design and technology.

Radium Agency is a team of passionate technologists with an ultimate aim of helping start-ups and brands craft compelling stories through insightful data analysis, creative designs and unique web development. We go against the conventional methods of marketing and explore new ways to distinguish your start-up from others. Our core process uncovers customers’ pain points and helps you define what makes your brand unique.

Our Vision

To lead the frontiers of the digital marketing space and be the ultimate influence to your operational success.


Our Strength as a team

Our team of experts create unimaginably outstanding and 100% result-oriented solutions that will put your start-up or brand in a better position. We pride ourselves on a strong digital team of:

  • Digital Strategists
  • Data Analyst
  • User Experience Designer
  • Brand / Digital Designer
  • Full-Stack Developers
  • Optimisation & testers

Meet The Team

We believe successful execution & delivery of digital projects rely on great digital teams who have genuine skills and passion for what they do.


Name: Faisal Hussain

Position: CEO


Name: Andrej Porovic

Position: Project Manager


Name: Frederico Silva

Position: Full-stack Developer

JS, HTML, CSS, React, Wordpress, Node.js, PhP


Name: Marcin Ruman

Position: Front-End Developer

JS, HTML, CSS, React, Wordpress, Shopify


Name: Pawoel Marciniuk

Position: Front-End Developer

JS, HTML, CSS, React, Wordpress, Shopify

Get in Touch

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